New crystals just arrived at your doorstep - YAY! Nothing makes me happier than someone starting or growing their crystal collection & incorporating them into their everyday life! However, before you start using your new crystals, it is important to cleanse them for best results.

Just like we humans are impacted by energy, crystals can be too. Some more than others. While they are hard at work transforming + emitting + radiating positive energy, lower frequencies can be absorbed into the crystal. For example, Malachite is like a sponge for bad vibes - which is great for the user this just means it needs to be cleansed often. In order to make the most of the healing benefits of any crystal, it is important to cleanse any negativity so good vibes can flow freely! 

Here are 3 simple & safe ways to cleanse any type of crystal:

  1. Sound: This is an excellent way to cleanse your crystals while also cleansing the space around you! Sound bowls, chimes, tuning forks and other instruments emit sounds at particular frequencies that are cleansing. If you do not have access to any of these instruments, simply type in "Cleaning Frequencies" or "Cleaning htz" on YouTube where you can find hours of sound! Within 5-10 minutes your crystals will be cleansed, however I love to leave one of these sounds running in the background for hours!

  2. Selenite: Selenite is an incredible crystal to use to cleanse other crystals! Place other crystals directly onto selenite for 24 hours to allow Selenite's frequencies to absorb & cleanse any negative energies. 

  3. Smoke: using Sage, Palo Santo and/or Incense are great ways to quickly & effectively cleanse your crystals. Allow the smoke in these practices to surround your crystals for 30-60 seconds. 

There are many other ways to cleanse crystals as well - you might have heard of them or have your own practice in place & that's perfect! Water is another common & great way to cleanse, but not all crystals are water safe. Quartz crystals are good to go, however generally crystals that end in "ite" should stay away from any moisture.  

Ultimately, you should do what feels most aligned to you - there is a reason for that! Lean into your intuition for everything, from big life changing decisions to how to cleanse your crystals. The more you trust it in these little tasks, the stronger it will become for the bigger ones. 

If you have any questions or want more information about cleaning a specific crystal, please email hello@shoptheclearco.com :)