5 Back To School Essentials - Crystal Edition

5 Back To School Essentials - Crystal Edition

It's that time of year again! Summer is too quickly coming to an end, school buses are hitting the road & the back to school section at Target is already heavily picked through & about to be the new home of Christas Trees. 

Whether you are a student, teacher or know someone headed back into the class room here are the top 5 crystals I wish I had with me on every first day of school:

  1. Rainbow Fluorite: this crystal aligns + cleanses + clears all chakras within the body & helps energy flow freely. It is also known to improve mental clarity so you can always be at the top of your game ready to take in new information & apply it! It can assist with clearing brain fog + pushing distractions away making your time spent learning & studying the most effective. 

  2. Sodalite: strongly associated with the Third Eye, Sodalite can help with strength your intuition + uncover patterns + determine your own strengths & weaknesses. This can be used as a tool of insight to do some self reflection & learn how to move forward in the best ways possible for you. It can also help in decision making when peer-pressure or the opinions of others might otherwise sway what you are thinking. 

  3. Clear Quartz: all chakras are aligned & energy is healed and amplified when Clear Quartz is used. This stone is perfect to keep around to let good vibes flow freely & keep things moving forward in a positive light. Conflicts & problems are sure to arise during the school year - this will help heal any emotional events & guide you to where you attention is most productive. 

  4. Tiger's Eye: a stone of strength + confidence + willpower is always a good thing to have around! Especially in classes or situations where you might feel a little intimidated. Feel excited about what you are learning knowing that you are a smart & capable person!

  5. Onyx: transform negativity & bad vibes with this one close by. Onyx is also a great grounding stone. If you are feeling overwhelmed throughout the day - so much to learn + so many people + so many tasks to get done!! Just hold this in your hands for a few moments to ground yourself + come back into your power & know you have all of the tools necessary to thrive! 

The Back to School Essentials - Crystal Collection is now available & contains each of these crystals in a small tumbled stone. Literally perfect to carry in a backpack, pocket or pull out as needed to hold / use as a worry stone.

Sending all the love & good vibes to students + teachers this year!