2022 is almost here & for many of us means lots of time spent setting goals + creating vision boards + evaluating where we are and where we want to go. As you are thinking these things through and looking at how you can improve your life, adding to your crystal collection or starting one might be on your mind!! Crystals are just one tool the Earth has given us to enhance our lives through positive vibrations. 

Crystals can be used to improve our expense here on Earth - whether we're seeking guidance on what our next steps should be / self discovery, or extra assistance on achieving all of the things we know we want out of this life, crystals can help!! They bring so much more than just their beauty. 💛

Here are my 7 top picks of crystals you need in the new year based on your goals or what you are wanting to achieve in 2022!! All of these crystals listed are currently available in tumbled form, making it easy for you to carry with you in your bra / pocket, in a bag, or car or in spaces you spend a lot of time so you can be receiving their good vibes as often as possible. 

Now here's the lineup!! If your goals / desires are:

FITNESS RELATED: Carnelian stimulates the lower three charkas which helps increase motivation, metabolism and strength. Keep this stone close to you when preparing for workouts (as you get dressed, drink pre-workout or drive to the gym) and then wear during exercise to maximize the work you are putting in! 

RELATIONSHIP BASED: Rose Quartz stimulates the Heart chakra and gets the love flowing! This helps improve all relationships - the one with yourself and others. It increases self-love, strengthens existing ones and can help foster new relationships as well. 

MONEY / WEALTH RELATED: Citrine can help attract abundance and wealth into you life! When paired with manifestation and clear goals, you will be a money magnet. Citrine is associated with the Solar Plexus chakra which strengthens confidence and knowing your personal power. This combined with the optimism and positivity this brings will help bring financial abundance into your life! 

INVOLVE DISCOVERING YOURSELF: Rhodonite is a great crystal to have on a journey of self discovery by showing you your talents and helping you develop them! It also balances and heals emotions to support you through it all. 

DIVING INTO SPIRITUALITY: Amethyst is an excellent beginner stone, especially if you are wanting to being your crystal collection or dive more into spirituality. It brings peaceful, positive, healing and protective energies. 

EMOTIONAL HEALING: Mahogany Obsidian can assist in releasing feelings of unworthiness that are no longer serving. It helps release old limiting beliefs so that you can move forward in positive energy. 

BECOMING A MORE POSITIVE PERSON: Tiger's Eye will help relate toxic energies while increasing emotional vitality and strength. It helps balance extreme emotions and bring personal power and integrity. It also provides protection from negative energy, keeping the peace within.