I am so excited to be bringing more items to The Clear Co. that can bring positivity to your daily life + help you along your spiritual journey. Today, journals & notebooks were added to the site!! I believe putting pen to paper, transferring ideas + thoughts that have only lived in our imaginations onto paper is powerful. Journaling through past trauma, breaking through limiting beliefs & bringing shows to the light is transformative. Listing out tasks to tackle & crossing them off throughout the day is empowering. Technology is amazing & can help us with these things greatly, but there are some instances paper is the way to go!! 

The journals + notebooks launched today were hand-selected for their uniqueness & versatility. They are items that look amazing & you want laying out on your desk always within an arms reach! But are also high quality with lined pages & not too much covering the pages so there is tremendous versatility. 

You may already have the perfect idea for your new journal, but if you are in need of some new journal prompts or are searching for some ideas to get some writing therapy in, here are some ideas for you! 

5 MINUTE JOURNAL PROMPTS: a quick way to lift your spirits 

1. How do you want to feel today? Why?

2. Set a timer for 1 - 5 minutes and write as many things as you possibility can that you are grateful for. How many did you get? Try to beat that number next time. 

3. If you are journaling in the morning: What are the first three thoughts that come to your mind? If you are journaling in the evening: What are three things that went well today? 

4. What is something that made you smile today? How did you make someone else smile today? 

5. List 5 things you love about yourself right now. 

MUCH LONGER THAN 5 MINUTE JOURNAL PROMPTS: these are prompts that will take some time + make you think

1. What are 100 things you want in life?

  Too often in life, we don't like where we are at but we're not EXACTLY sure where we want to be. This can lead to feeling stuck, continuing to be unhappy & not growing or changing. However, if you are clear about what you want in life, it makes it easier to make changes + go after what you want. 

  When I first set down to create a list like this myself, it was daunting after about 10 things were listed. It felt like too much - I couldn't write fast enough & then I literally had no idea what else to write. Partly because I hadn't REALLY thought about it in so long. My imagination hadn't wandered much past paying bills and taking some TJ Maxx runs & all of my thoughts were put toward how unhappy I was, how life sucked, my job sucked, blah, blah... 

  It took me daysssss - sitting down for almost an hour the first time I did this exercise then moments here and there as I started to actively think about what I desired. And I got a list of 100. And I have changed it, added to it, crossed things off. Now I find myself thinking forward with positivity + hope + determination to tackle everything I desire. 

  Mindset shifts are everything!! So here is my challenge to you: make you own 100 list. Fill the list with items, products, experiences, jobs, relationships, animals, trips that would want in this lifetime. No matter how long it takes, make that list & revise or add to it often. Keep these desires at the forefront of your mind. Constantly think about what you want rather than what you don't want & watch things change for the better. 


2. What does success mean to you?

  It can be easy to quickly answer this question in your mind with what we've been taught success should look like. But if we dig a little deeper & listen to our own intuition, the answer to this question will vary drastically person to person. 


3. Picture yourself 2 years from now. What are you proud of yourself for accomplishing? 

  Write down all of the things that are now a part of your reality in 2 years. How your daily life is lived, the new home you live in, the job you have, the goals you have achieved, the things on your desire list that are now a normal part of your life. Write them as if they are true RIGHT NOW & have already happened.  

  I am _____ . I have _____. I created _____. 


4. What could be lost if you do not take action on your desires?

 How many times have to talked yourself out of something because of the "what if's?" Fear of failure, judgement or worst case scenarios often flood our minds & become so overwhelming it feels like there is no point to even attempt to tackle big dreams. So let's flip that around. You have probably already heard quotes along the lines of "don't think about things going wrong, think about things going right!" But we can level that up. Especially if you have already completed the list of 100 things you want in life, you can start to think about NONE of that happening. What would be lost? What experience would you miss out on? What relationships would not be made or improved? What memories would you have or not have? Sit with those feelings. Write them down. Write whatever you are feeling.

  It is okay if this makes you feel sad or upset - these feelings will help you make breakthroughs & serve as a reminder how truly important it is to take action on your desires!! 

5. What does your highest level self have? Why are these things important to you? 

  Think about what your daily life looks like living as your highest self. What time do you wake up? What are your surroundings like? How big is your bed? Is there someone or a pet in the room with you? What is your bathroom like? How plush are the rugs? What is the weather like where you live? What car do you drive? Where are you driving every morning?

  You can think about all of these things, one at a time or a little bit bigger picture. However, whatever you come up with take a moment to think about WHY. Why is it important to live in a beautiful home, drive a nice car, sleep in every day or wake up early with a solid routine? How do these things make you feel? When you are feeling this way does it make you more confident? Giving you the ability to tackle your dreams & make an impact on the world? Or is the reasoning simpler? Or is it more complex?

  Explore the reasons WHY you are having these thoughts, going deeper as many layers as you can. The answers you get may surprise you. 


These are just a few prompts to help you get started. You can follow them as they're written or add your own spin. That is the beauty of journaling - there is no right or wrong way to do it & no one ever has to know what you've jotted down! If you would like more prompts like these or have your own that you would like to share, please email & I will begin compiling a list to create another journaling blog post. 

Thanks for reading & happy journaling! :)