Crystal Pendulums are a beautiful piece to have in your presence & can serve a great purpose in your life if you know how to use them! Pendulums are a tool to help us tap into our subconscious mind + tune into our intuition + discover answers our conscious mind may not be giving us. 

How to use your Crystal Pendulum: 

1. CLEANSE: With any Crystal, it is very important to cleanse before using it. Crystals can absorb negative energies (some way more than others), so it is crucial that you clear those out so you get the highest, most useful vibrations from your Crystal Pendulum! This can be done through smudging (burning Palo Santo or Sage), placing in the sunlight, full moon, brown rice, water depending on the Crystal. 

2. HOLD: Place the pendulum in your non-dominate hand, and take a moment to feel the crystal. Hold it from the end of the chain a few inches above a surface & just observe how the energy feels. Practice just holding the chain as still as possible & not swinging or influencing how the crystal moves. 

3. PROGRAM: Next, it's time to program, or set, your crystal! First, verbally ask the Crystal Pendulum to show you a "yes" repose. This could be a left to right movement, clockwise, counterclockwise. Observe the motion. Then, ask for a "no" response. Observe this motion. You can then ask a question that you consciously know would lead to a "no" reposes. Observe the motion & make sure it aligns with "no." It is also an option to ask for a "maybe" or an "uncertain" reposes. Observe the motion. 

4. TEST: Now it is time to make sure your Crystal Pendulum is correctly programed to you! Ask simple questions that you consciously know will answer "yes." For example: "My name is Hannah Preston." Observe the motion - it should be an obvious "yes" repose. Do this a few times with yes and no questions. 

5. ASK: Sit in a comfortable position, in an area free of distractions & no (or very few) electronic devices around. Begin asking yes or no questions. It can be helpful to put your question into a statement. For example: "It is in my highest good to move to a new city" and then observe the response. It is important to be in a calm state when doing this + trying your best to remain neural in you conscious mind as to not influence the answer. 

At the end of each session or use, take a moment to hold the pendulum in your hands, give thanks and set intentions to clear any negativities + enhance future uses. The more you use your Pendulum, the more in-tune you will become with it & the more clear your answers will become. This is because the Pendulum is a tool for YOU to connect with YOU. Trust your intuition & learn to uncover subconscious thoughts + the answers that are already inside of you. 💛 Everything is energy & Pendulums are an excellent tool to help you connect to your own energy & knowing.