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The Clear Co., LLC

Angelite - Tumbled Stone

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This stone has frequencies that are very soothing + calming to the emotional body. It is helpful in communicating calmly & collectively while bringing awareness to how others will receive what is being communicated. This is a great stone to have close by during situations where intensions may get misinterpreted & clear communication is essential. Calms the overall energy. 

As the name hints, this stone is also known for angelic communication. It facilitates communication with guides / angels / spiritual beings. It helps one move into a peaceful state of relaxation while quieting inner thoughts & allows for an opportunity to receive communication from higher beings if open to doing so. 

This is great to use during mediation. It a tool to use in dreamwork. Place under your pillow, or on a nightstand to enhance dream state + receive messages during dreams + have recollection of dreams and their meanings. 

Chakras: Crown, Third Eye, Throat

Dimensions: 20-40g, 1-1.5"

Your stone will be intuitively selected from the tumbles pictured here. All sales final.