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The Clear Co., LLC

Black Tourmaline - Large Palm Stone

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Black Tourmaline is a powerful stone that transforms negative energy into higher frequencies - or good energy + the good vibes we are all seeking. It offers great protection because of its ability to purify & cleanse energies + ground spiritual energy + balance all of the chakras. Think protective energetic shield around your body & all energy inside that shield going from dark to light. 

Chakra: Root


  Item #1: 127g, 2.1" wide, 5.25" around

  Item #2: 131g, 2.5" long, 5" around

  Item #3: 140g, 2.25" wide, 5.5" around

  Item #4: 121g, 2.4" long, 4.75" around

  Item #5: 136g, 2.5" long, 4.75" around

  Item #6: 194g, 2.75" long, 5.5" around

  Item #7: 181g, 2.5" long, 5.5" around

You will receive the exact item you select as numbered in the image. Each is unique and will vary in size, shape & color. All sales final.