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The Clear Co., LLC

Blue Calcite Palm Stone

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Blue Calcite is one of the most soothing stones to the emotional body. Blue Calcite offers many benefits from calming + soothing vibes, to psychic ability & creativity. It allows those that easily absorb & become overwhelmed by other's emotions to be protected through strengthening the auric field. While gently assisting in being cognizant of other's emotions and how we are all connected & have effects on one another. 

Blue Calcite is also used to bring inspiration & new + creative ideas to mind. It can help calm the mind, creating a space to clear + creative + new thoughts to flow abundantly. This helps bring optimism and an empowered mindset to many situations. 

Keep this stone close when you are working on projects that need a boost of creativity, hold while reciting affirmations, or when stressed & in need of relaxing vibrations. 

Chakras: Throat, Third Eye


  Item #1: 74g, 2.25" long, 4.25" around

  Item #2: 78g, 2" long, 4.5" around

  Item #3: 77g, 2" long, 4.3" around


  Item #10: 130g, 2.75" long, 5" around

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