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The Clear Co., LLC

Bye Bad Vibes - Crystal Collection

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Stay protected + grounded + living life in positivity! This collection includes these four tumbled stones & one raw Selenite stick:

Amethyst: provides protection from negative energy + helps release attachments to negative patterns + brings an overall calming energy 

Black Obsidian: acts as a shield from bad vibes + protects your aura + removes energy blockages

Clear Quartz: works with other crystals in this collection to amplify their protective energies + cleanses & clears energy

Labradorite: protects from negative energy + creates a safe space to explore spirituality 

Selenite: cleanses & clears energy allowing positivity to flow + cleanses other crystals so they are working optimally 

This collection includes four tumbled stones ranging in size from 0.25-1.25 inches & one raw Selenite stick - all contained in a resealable bag. Each stone is unique and will vary slightly in size, shape & color. All sales final.