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The Clear Co., LLC

Carnelian Hamsa Hand

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Carnelian activates the root + sacral + solar plexus chakras to assist in building courage, confidence & passion. It is helpful to those that may have difficulty taking action or making things happen by giving a gentle push to take a leap. Carnelian is an excellent tool to work with when needing to take major action! The energies of this stone resonate strongly with the physical body which helps tune into the importance of physical strength + health + vitality. 

The Hamsa Hand carving represents forces of good and protection from any harm & unseen dangers. It is a symbol of happiness & health.

Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus


  Item #1: 215g, 4" long, 3.75" wide, 0.5" thick

  Item #2: 230g, 4" long, 3.75" wide, 0.6" thick

  Item #3: 222g, 4" long, 3.5" wide, 0.5" thick

  Item #4: 330g, 5" long, 4.5" wide, 0.6" thick

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