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The Clear Co.

Clear Quartz Cluster - 140g

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Arkansas Clear Quartz Cluster: Absolutely stunning piece. Beautiful, elegant - you can feel the power of this crystal just by looking at it. Incredible statement piece. Excellent condition, great quality. 

Clear Quartz is the most powerful healing + energy amplifying crystal. It has the ability to cleanse + clear + regulate energy while healing and increasing positivity energy. It is especially powerful because of its ability to be programed to assist with almost anything. By holding the crystal & setting clear intensions, this crystal will raise to the highest vibration possible. It is a tremendous help in healing the spiritual + emotional + physical body. Clear Quartz has the ability to balance & harmonize all chakras & bring alignment to you life. 

Chakras: All

Dimensions: 140g / 0.31lbs, 4" long, 1.5" tall