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The Clear Co.

Self- Healed Arkansas Clear Quartz - 197g

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Self-Healed Arkansas Clear Quartz: Self-Healed Quartz crystals have a complete termination (point) at one end and the other end has small bumps / almost scale-like texture. This surface is the result of the crystal continuing to regrow after breaking. This are powerful in bringing feelings of self-worth, self-reliance & aid tremendously in emotional healing. 

Clear Quartz is also used for clearing + cleansing + healing energy. It is especially powerful because it can be programed to assist with almost anything by simply holding the crystal in your hands and setting clear intension for how it will help you. It can assist in amplifying your intensions & the energy around it. 

Chakras: All

Dimensions: 197g / 0.45 lbs, 2" base, 3.5" tall, 5" around

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