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The Clear Co., LLC

Crazy Lace Agate Tower

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Crazy Lace Agate is bold + beautiful + contains some of the most unique designs within every single piece. This stone is known to promote happiness & vibrates at a frequency that can promote enlightened emotional feelings while also providing grounding & protecting energies. It can also promote feelings of stability + warmth + self confidence.

Chakras: Third Eye, Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus


  Item #1: 74g, 3.6" tall, 3" around

  Item #2: 99g, 3.8" tall, 3.25" around

  Item #3: 79g, 3.4" tall, 3.25" around

  Item #4: 127g, 4.3" tall, 3.5" around

  Item #5: 85g, 3.4" tall, 2.9" around

  Item #6: 93g, 4" tall, 3.25" around

  Item #7: 92g, 4" tall, 3" around

  Item #8: 92g, 4" tall, 3.25" around

You will receive the exact item you select as numbered in the image. Each stone is unique and will vary slightly in size, shape, pattern & imperfections may be present. All sales final.