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The Clear Co.

Crystal Bracelet - 4mm Stones

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Type of Stone

Crystals bracelets are the best arm candy + allow you to have the energy of healing crystals with you all day long! These smaller stones stack well with other bracelets making them easy to incorporate to into any look. 

Howlite: assists in calming + providing peace during times of anger or fear & can release attachments to old emotions

Rhodonite: promotes a heart-centered way of living life + increases kindness + perspective + good intensions

Rose Quartz: promotes peace + love + healing of the heart

Carnelian: assists in building courage + confidence + passion + great tool to have when taking major action

Tiger Eye: brings balance between extremes + grounds & anchors change + assists in making decisions based on reason over emotions + enhances strength & vitality

Lapis Lazuli: assists in truthful communication + inner vision + activating the higher mind & psychic abilities

Moss Agate: facilitates a deep connection to nature + provides a gentle grounding + balancing chakras

Fancy Jasper: brings a strong sense of wellbeing + provides gentle & relaxing energies + brings attention to the current moment while providing hope for the future 

Dimensions: 6-7.5" elastic bracelet, 4mm stones

Each bracelet is hand strung & sizes may slightly vary. Each stone is unique & will vary in color & pattern. All sales final.