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The Clear Co., LLC

Crystal Bracelet - 8mm Stones

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Crystals bracelets are the best arm candy + allow you to have the energy of healing crystals with you all day long! These bracelets are fun to stack together or incorporate with other jewelry. 

Clear Quartz: cleanse + clear + heal energy within & around you

Rose Quartz: promotes peace + love + healing of the heart

Carnelian: assists in building courage + confidence + passion + great tool to have when taking major action

Howlite: assists in calming + providing peace during times of anger or fear & can release attachments to old emotions

Amazonite: promotes harmony + opens the heart & throat chakras + helps discover your personal truth

Fancy Jasper: brings a strong sense of wellbeing + provides gentle & relaxing energies + brings attention to the current moment while providing hope for the future

Fluorite: enhances mental clarity + improves decision making + clears energy fields 

Amethyst:promotes connection to your own inner wisdom + trusting intuition + soothes stress + assists in better sleep & dreams + maintains emotional balance

Moss Agate: facilitates a deep connection to nature + provides a gentle grounding + balancing chakras

Tiger Eye: brings balance between extremes + grounds & anchors change + assists in making decisions based on reason over emotions + enhances strength & vitality

Labradorite: brings clarity to unconscious belief patters + provide strength & protection from others draining your personal energy + helps bring awareness to the unseen aspects of life

Black Obsidian: protects the aura from allowing negative energies in while helping to remove negative attachments

Dalmatian Jasper: provides grounding & protecting energies while also being uplifting & bringing optimism  

Dimensions: 6.5-7.5" elastic bracelet, 8mm stones

Each bracelet is hand strung & sizes may slightly vary. Each stone is unique & will vary in color & pattern. All sales final.