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The Clear Co., LLC

Fluorite Tower

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Fluorite is a crystal that enhances mental clarity, improves decision making and clears energy fields. It helps thoughts form cohesively, pushing fog and distractions away making it possible to take inspired action more easily. Rainbow Fluorite specifically is excellent for overall energy cleansing + aligning energies through the mind, body and spirit. It can also be used to repair the auric field.  

Affirmation to use with Fluorite: My energy is aligned, I am alert, clear & making decisions aligned with my highest purpose. 

Element: Wind

Chakras: All


  Item #1: 86g, 3.75" tall, 2.75" around

  Item #2: 60g, 2.75" tall, 2.75" around

  Item #3: 65g, 2.75" tall, 2.8" around

  Item #4: 63g, 2.8" tall, 2.75" around

  Item #5: 86g, 2.75" tall, 3.25" around

  Item #6: 90g, 2.8" tall, 3.25" around

  Item #7: 83g, 2.9" tall, 3" around

  Item #8: 99g, 2.8" tall, 3.5" around

  Item #9: 93g, 3.5" tall, 3" around

  Item #10: 100g, 3.25" tall, 3.25" around

  Item #11: 77g, 3" tall, 3" around

  Item #12: 101g, 3.75" tall, 3" aroud

You will receive the exact item you select as numbered in the image. Each stone is unique and will vary slightly in size, shape & color. All sales final.