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The Clear Co., LLC

Larvikite 4-Sided Tower

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Larvikite is a stone of protection + cleansing + connection. Strongly connected to the Root Chakra, this can assist in feeling connected & centered to the earth, connecting to positive + uplifting energies. It is also known to cleaning the emotional body & provide protection from negativity, allowing positivity energy to flow throughout you & your life. 

Each tower has beautiful flash throughout. 

Chakra: Root


  Item #1: 412g, 7" tall, 5" around

  Item #2: 400g, 7" tall, 5" around

  Item #3: 347g, 6.9" tall, 4.6" around

  Item #4: 423g, 6.9" tall, 5" around

  Item #5: 426g, 7.4" tall, 5" around

You will receive the exact item you select as numbered in the image. All sales final.