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The Clear Co.

Lepidolite Cloud

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Lepidolite provides emotional healing & balance + serenity + relaxation + stress relief. This is a great tool to have during times of abrupt change, loss or during times that are stressful or worrisome. It holds a vibrational energy that calms the emotional body & mind, bringing an enlightened awareness that helps navigate situations smoothly.

This adorable could shape is perfect to place on your nightstand & can enhance relaxation for better sleep. Each shape can also stand on its own. 

Chakras: All, Especially Third Eye & Heart 


  Item #1: 25g, 2" long, 0.4" thick

  Item #2: 23g, 2.1" long, 0.25" thick

  Item #3: 26g, 2.1" long, 0.4" thick 

  Item #4: 24g, 2" long, 0.4" thick

  Item #5: 23g, 2" long, 0.4" thick

  Item #6: 26g, 2.1" long, 0.3" thick

  Item #7: 18g, 1.75" long, 0.4" thick

  Item #8: 18g, 2" long, 0.3" thick

  Item #9: 25g, 1.9" long, 0.4" thick

  Item #10: 21g, 2" long, 0.3" thick

You will receive the exact item you select as numbered in the image. Each stone is unique and will vary slightly in size, shape & color. All sales final.