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Palo Santo

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3 sticks of Palo Santo are included in this bundle!!

Palo Santo is known for its cleansing abilities. This is my personal favorite way to cleanse crystals, and I also burn it throughout the day in almost every room of my home. Burning Palo Santo is also a great alternative to burning candles - many of which contain toxic chemicals that over time can cause harm to the lungs.

How to use: hold the stick downward at a 45 degree angle, carefully light one end on fire, let it burn just for a few seconds and then blow out the flame. Then slowly move the stick around allow the smoke to cleanse the space around you & place in a heat proof dish to finish burning. Each stick can last you weeks or months depending on how often & long you burn them. 

Dimensions: each stick is 4-5" long, 1-3" around

Please note, this price includes 3 sticks. Please be careful when burning and keep your skin & any flammable items away from flames. All sales final.