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Raw Amethyst Cluster Geode - Various Sizes

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Gorgeous + deep purple + high quality Amethyst geode clusters from Brazil! This are an amazing addition to any collection and provide a beautiful decor element along with their healing energies. Amethyst provides protection + increases realization & calming + improves intuition. It is a great beginner crystal that can be worked with throughout a spiritual journey! 

Affirmation to use with Amethyst: I am purified, I am uplifted, I am protected, I am connected with the Divine. 

Chakras: Crown, Third Eye

Element: Wind


  Item #1: 250g, 3.5" long, 2.75" wide, 6" around

  Item #2: 477g, 4" long, 3" wide, 8.25" around

You will receive the exact item you select as numbered in the image. Each is unique and will vary in size, shape, color & imperfections may be present. All sales final.