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The Clear Co., LLC

Malachite - Tumbled Stone

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Malachite is an excellent stone for protecting against negative energies. Its positive vibrations create a shield-like effect around the aura, and can give an extra sense of well-being + luck + confidence. It should be cleansed often because of how well it absorbs negative engines - this can be done by placing on Clear Quartz in the sunlight. Do not use salt on this stone.

Malachite can also be useful in transformation, activating the courage needed to make changes + take risks + explore new adventures. For most effective use, wear on or hold in left hand, place over the Third Eye or Solar Plexus. 

Chakras: Heart, Solar Plexus

Dimensions: 20-60g, 1-1.5" 

Your stone will be intuitively selected from the tumbles pictured here. All sales final.