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The Clear Co., LLC

Ruby Zoisite - Tumbled Stone

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Ruby Zoisite a great energizing + healing + developmental tool. This combination aids in healing through supporting the body's optimal state of health & the vibration at which that occurs. These A-Grade towers can help open the heart chakra while strengthening intuition, leading to a great sense of well-being. It also raises vibrations to release grief and other negative attachments. All of these lead to an increased overall joy for life. 

Affirmation to use with Ruby Zoisite: My heart, body & soul work in perfect harmony to live as my truest self. 

Chakras: Third Eye, Heart, Root

Element: Storm

Dimensions: 10-25g, 1-1.25" 

Your stone will be intuitively selected from the stones pictured here. Each is unique & will vary in size, shape, color & pattern. All sales final.