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The Clear Co., LLC

Serpentine Heart

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Serpentine helps strengthen a connection to nature + kundalini awakenings + access to spiritual history of the Earth. This stone helps connect with energies of the Earth throughout history - it acts as a recorder of changes & shifts of Earth. Its frequencies can help connect with & unlock knowledge + histories throughout dimensions. Using Serpentine can also help awaken kundalini which can lead to deep spiritual experiences. 

Affirmation to use with Serpentine: I manifest in alignment with my highest good with every every cell in my body. 

Charkas: All

Element: Earth:


  Item #1: 38g, 1.75" wide

  Item #2: 47g, 1.8" wide

  Item #3: 31g, 1.75" wide

  Item #4: 31g, 1.8" wide

  Item #5: 39g, 1.9" wide

  Item #6: 31g, 1.8" wide

  Item #7: 40g, 1.75" wide

  Item #8: 30g, 1.8" wide

  Item #9: 27g, 1.75" wide

  Item #10: 32g, 1.9" wide

  Item #11: 35g, 1.75" wide

  Item #12: 34g, 1.8" wide

  Item #13: 36g, 1.8" wide

You will receive the exact item you select as numbered in the image. Each stone is unique and will vary slightly in size, shape, & color. All sales final.